The Waxx Room ~ Facial and Body Waxing

        The Waxx Room is the original OKC salon dedicated exclusively to waxing.                                               We specialize in Brazilians, however we excel at all types of facial and body waxing. 
        You can trust in our experience, knowledge and professionalism.

  Not all waxes are created equal. 

We use only the finest Cirepil waxes imported from Paris to make the process as pain-free as possible.  By using two different types of wax, we're able to give you the fastest, most comfortable waxing experience possible.  Don't risk having layers of skin ripped off your eyebrows or any other area!  Cirepil waxes are low temperature waxes, which means there's no risk of being burned!

  Not all waxers are created equal.

We are licensed, experienced Estheticians.  We have made it our mission to provide a comfortable, stress-free environment for our clients.  We have performed literally thousands of waxing procedures!  Many people are nervous the first time they get a Bikini  or Brazilian wax, and it is important that the waxer be competely at ease.  We take pride in our ability to make people feel comfortable and relaxed.  Remember, we have performed thousands of Brazilians and you can feel completely secure with our skill and discretion.

  CAUTION!  You May Become Addicted.

Once you try a Brazilian... you'll never go back!  You'll never want to go back to shaving every day and dealing with painful, itchy razor burn.  Whether you want a clean look and feeling for yourself, want to feel comfortable in a bathing suit, or are looking to spice things up with your significant other, waxing is the way to go!

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